Actress Blanca Blanco’s red dress at Golden Globes draws heat


Almost every star going to the Golden Globes wore dark as an announcement against sexual unfortunate behavior in Hollywood — so one red dress didn’t mix in on celebrity main street.

On-screen character Blanca Blanco dumped the dark clothing regulation for a red cut-out dress, and was getting heat via web-based networking media. Others said disgracing her for her shading decision is a piece of the issue.

Sunday night’s dark clad showing was advanced by the as of late framed Time’s Up. It’s an activity of several ladies in media outlets — including Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey — who have grouped together to advocate for sexual orientation equality in official positions.

Likewise not in dark was Meher Tatna, the leader of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. She says that in India dark is the shade of grieving and isn’t worn on social events, including that her red dress was made months prior.

It wasn’t clear if Blanco didn’t get the notice or simply chose to go her own particular manner.

Blanco tweeted after the show “The issue is greater than my dress shading #TIMESUP.”