‘Bomb cyclone’ photos show intensity of storm as it pummelled East Coast


A serious winter storm, named a “bomb tornado” beat the Maritimes and the U.S. East Coast Thursday dumping almost 50 centimeters of snow and leaving homes and vehicles encased in ice.

The tempest wreaked devastation along the eastern seaboard, constraining carrier and rail benefit cancelations and schools and business to shade their entryways.

In New England, capable breezes brought seaside flooding that achieved noteworthy levels in a few groups with frigid water flooding docks, avenues and eateries and stranding a few people who must be protected.

No less than seven tempest related passings were accounted for in the U.S.

The climate framework keeps on hitting the Maritimes on Friday, where control was thumped out to more than 117,000 Nova Scotia Power clients. High waves and tempest surges caused flooding and harm along the Atlantic drift.

Pictures from the tempest indicate across the board seaside flooding, autos solidified in floodwaters and snow covering New York State.