Jennifer Lawrence Got Half Of Her Golden Globes Makeup Done Before Emma Stone Bailed On Her


Jennifer Lawrence took to Facebook on Monday to share how she needed to surrender getting glammed up for the 2018 Golden Globes after-parties after performing artist buddy Emma Stone altered her opinion about going ultimately.

The two rather chilled at Lawrence’s home, where Stone shot Lawrence clarifying why she just had half of her hair and cosmetics done.

“You had revealed to me that you needed me to be your date to the after-parties, so I got us tickets to some after-parties, booked an auto and was part of the way through glitz when you disclosed to me that you didn’t wanna go,” Lawrence clarified. “You simply needed to approach my home, so I simply sent my hair and cosmetics group home and now this is the thing that I resemble!”

The nearby buddies at that point ejected in snickers, with Stone heard saying, “You’re really great” out of sight.